United Rheumatology
The United Rheumatology GPO, is the rheumatology – focused, single specialty group purchasing organization created in response to the needs of the United Rheumatology membership.

The GPO uses the aggregated power and strength of its membership to provide the most competitive pricing for both drug and non drug products and services for its members; both large and small.

The United Rheumatology GPO was designed as another resource to enable the fulfillment of the missions and goals of the membership. By providing direct to manufacturer programs, and discounted price offerings, United Rheumatology members realize increased revenues and decreased practice expenses that help them to remain financially healthy and autonomous.

The Matrix GPO provides a backup resource for our membership. By rostering primarily with the United Rheumatology GPO, and secondarily with Matrix, our members are always offered exceptional pricing from CurascriptSD.

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