Our Teams

United Rheumatology’s mission is to be the premier management services organization for independent rheumatologists, supporting them in their commitment to provide the best standards of care for their patients.


The Administrator Team is committed to the implementation of the Standard Data Model across our membership as well as the growth of UR membership.

The administrators review the guidelines with the MPC committee and look at the surrounding workflows available to a practice to ensure quality care and shared decision making within a practices population and UR membership.

A central resource for information and education regarding changes in policies, plans and actions of the commercial payers and CMS policy.

Lynette Byrnes

Vice President RCM and Chair Administrator’s Committee


Georgia Bonney

Iris Nichols

Judith Stovall

Maureen Schoch

Savonna Staton

Medical Policy Committee

United Rheumatology has assembled the Medical Policy Committee (MPC) from amongst it’s active practice membership. The MPC will take responsibility for drafting the guidelines and pathways for diagnosis and management of rheumatologic disorders. These guidelines and pathways are essential to the fulfillment of our mission. The MPC will help define the parameters to be captured by our data analytics team as well.

Finally, as an organization dedicated to access to best health care for our patients, the MPC will embody the expertise that United Rheumatology can offer to stakeholders needing that expertise- payers, policy makers, the UR Board of Directors and more.

Allan Morton, M.D.

Andrew Laster, M.D.

Kamran Chaudhary, M.D.

Ellen Field, M.D.

Alan Epstein, M.D.

Evan Siegel, M.D.

Adrienne Hollander, M.D.

Joseph Huffstutter, M.D.

Joseph Grisanti, M.D.

Lawrence Edwards, M.D.

Mark Pearson, M.D.

Timothy Howard, D.O.

Joshua Stolow, M.D.

Amy Evangelisto, M.D.

Robin Dore, M.D.

Erin Arnold, M.D.

Paul Schulman, M.D.

Barry Gruber, M.D.

Allan Gibofsky, M.D.

Daniel Wallace, M.D.

Douglas Smith, M.D.

Andrew Concoff, M.D.

Howard Blumstein, M.D.

Amiel Tokayer, M.D.

Grace Wright, M.D.

Suneya Hogarty, M.D.

Mark Harris M.D.

Michelle Petri, M.D.

Paul J. DeMarco M.D.

Herbert Baraf, M.D.

Shelley Weiner, M.D.


Josef Smolen, M.D.

Daniel Aletaha, M.D.

Board of Directors

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