Medical Data Inc.

An EMR Data Analytics Company

MDI Mission Statement

Provide rheumatologists with data needed to manage practices effectively, contract intelligently, and compete in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

Healthcare Industry is Changing

Resultant rheumatologist stress: flat reimbursement, and an increasing administrative burden: ICD -10, PQRS, HIPAA, reporting demands of Meaningful Use, Pay for Performance, pre-authorizations of diagnostic tests and treatments.

Healthcare businesses, hospitals, ACOs: compete with independent rheumatologists for patients and contracts and threaten the viability of rheumatology private practice.

  • Hiring PCPs – prohibit referral to rheumatologists outside narrow networks
  • Compete for rheumatology fellows with lucrative offers
  • Purchase established rheumatology practices
  • Restrict access to treatments threatening standard of care

Rheumatologists must adapt: practice amalgamation, participation in MSOs, novel contracting approaches: site of service, population health contracting, and risk.

Resultant need: metrics derived from reliable access to all chart data.

MDI Supports, Empowers Rheumatologists with Metrics and Data They Need

MDI aggregates, and analyzes data from multiple different EMRs to provide rheumatologists with metrics needed to:

  • Define value and quality on their terms
  • Define and defend standard of care
  • Demonstrate quality to Medicare, commercial payers

MDI provides metrics needed to characterize practice patterns, enable rapid effective responses to Medicare and commercial payers queries.

MDI aggregated data from different EMRs enables Clinical Integration: for “Supergroups” and MSO participants.

MDI data analytics enable rheumatologists to negotiate better data driven contracts with payers, and self-insured employers.

MDI operates remotely:  invisible extraction process does not interfere with office charting or operations.

MDI Participants Earn Recurrent Passive Income

Through participation in sale of de-identified HIPAA compliant aggregated data to commercial entities, and collaborative investigations with Biotech, Pharma, and other entities, members can earn recurrent passive income.