United Rheumatology MDI Data Projects

MDI (Medical Data Inc.) is United Rheumatology’s medical data system, supporting you and your staff in recording valuable patient data for a variety of applications.

Our office practice electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) systems represent a remarkable source of data that can be used for multiple purposes, bringing potentially substantial value to United Rheumatology practices, and supporting the mission and goals of United Rheumatology.

At a time when policy makers have added unwanted dimensions to information technology- Meaningful Use (MU), etc. – physicians may initially have an other than positive response when the conversation turns to the office information technology.

However, we recognize that having the ability to access and aggregate and analyze our data is critical to our futures. And we know there is potential commercial value. So while MU will not go away, we focus on the positives that can be derived. We believe the decisions you make as regards your information technology platform may be the most important as you build your practice infrastructure. Our information technology platform will be the repository of the overwhelming majority of information that enters our practice- our ability to extract and use this day to its maximum potential is critical to our future.

Registering for the MDI Data Project

Once you are registered, if your data is being housed on a server that offers immediate accessibility, our technicians will schedule installation of syncMD**.

SyncMD is the proprietary read only software tool that will enable the extraction and aggregation of the de-identified data. This software enables the extraction of data from multiple different EMR’s and PMS.    The connection usually takes approximately 45 minutes. The data will be extracted seamlessly at those times you identify as times we will not interfere with operations- usually nights – when your EMR & PM provider is not upgrading or working on your system, and your practice is not using the system.

Please be assured that the data is completely de identified and handled following the strictest of HIPAA compliant rules and regulations! No one will ever see your data or your practice’s data without your explicit authorization other than you. No one will ever see PHI.

After Registering You Will Also Be Contacted By United Rheumatology

We will review with you the list of data being collected from your system. This data is referred to as our Standard Data Model (SDM). You will be made fully aware of the SDM being collected and aggregated with the data contributed by the other members of United Rheumatology.  We will also work with you to assure that the SDM is entered into structured fields that are mineable for our technicians. Since our data will be used for very important purposes, once we begin collecting your data, we will be contacting you from time to time to quality check the data that we are acquiring. You will be informed about the completeness of your data acquisition. If you are not capturing the full data set required, we will let you know the specific fields and/ or data that are missing, and work with you to achieve full compliance with our SDM.

** If your data is stored on a server that is not readily accessible, you will be so advised, and options for participation will be reviewed. Some of you may have signed away the rights to your data in exchange for a reduced price or a free system.  In some cases, there are technological barriers established by the cloud EMR & PM vendors. There are possible solutions for some challenges and our MDI team will work with you to overcome these challenges.

Thank you for joining United Rheumatology’s MDI Data Project, an important step in securing your practice autonomy and preparing for the future.