Dear Fellows,

We are offering you an opportunity to experience being part of our organization without charge if you are a rheumatology fellow. United Rheumatology LLC is a Management Services Organization with a rapidly growing membership of some of the leading rheumatologists in the country. United currently has over 300 members, all of them  independent practice rheumatologists. Our mission is to support you and making joining an independent practice a fully viable option for your future. We offer an array of services to support the standard of care, the patient physician relationship, and the autonomy of the rheumatology practice. Healthcare has become very complex, and some Fellows are choosing not to pursue their lifelong dream of entering into an independent community rheumatology practice. We are dedicated to the future of independent practice and to enabling you to fulfill this dream.

United offers a full portfolio of Practice Management Services. Some, such as our Group Purchasing Organization, will not be useful to you while you are a fellow, but we will be happy to introduce you to our GPO, so you may be fully familiar with its values when you enter practice. Other services- in particular United University- offer a wide selection of publications and tool kits- some focused on best office practices others focused on the evolving healthcare policy landscape- including MACRA and MIPS. We have partners in Information Technology and Data Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management and much more.

United conducts semi-annual meetings- west coast in the spring, east coast in the fall. We welcome your attendance and will sponsor your participation by covering your expenses for airfare and lodging. The entire membership attends one of the two meetings and there will be ample opportunity for you to meet the members, many of whom are looking for new associates. We can help you make decisions that will secure your future as a rheumatologist! We are committed to helping you bring the best possible care to your patients, while enjoying a fulfilling professional experience.

If you are interested in this valuable opportunity please go to our website and read about our mission.

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